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Hey, friend. I'm Becky LaFranchi. I've been dying to meet you! 

I know what you are thinking..."But, Becky, what do you do?"

The fancy way to say it is that I am a business strategist and experience designer for the hospitality industry. 

The easy way to say it is that I help you get your shit together and get your customers and employees to love you.

After 18 years in the F&B industry, 13 years in international retail, and 10 years as a spa consultant, I've come home. And for me, home is here with you. 

I am absolutely crazy about helping you succeed. These are tough businesses and being an owner and entrepreneur can be overwhelming. I can take you from being overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid, to partying like the Boss Star that you are. 

Work should be fun, right?

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Yevgen Reztsov

Welcome to the Party, Boss Star

We Need to Bring a Culture of Care Into Hospitality

"Good evening!""My pleasure!""Enjoy!""Have a great day!"
There is no stage. No camera. But there is definitely a show. What is really going on behind the scenes?
You are in exactly the right place if you are ready to transform your hospitality business. A strong team will solve problems, respond quickly to customers, and do whatever is possible to protect a brand's credibility. A disgruntled team will quickly - and effectively - destroy all efforts to build your brand.
Hospitality is supposed to be fun. It is a business of caring for people, entertaining them, serving them, and creating unforgettable moments that matter. We get to be with people during the best part of their day.
So why aren't we, in the industry, having a good time too? In fact, we are the best at being the worst when it comes to employee engagement - we are in the bottom 3 industries for creating a culture that keeps our employees happy and satisfied with their jobs. And here's a #truthslay for you....it's not the pay or the hours or any of that bullshit that we've been telling ourselves for years.  89% of employers believe their employees leave for more pay but in fact only 12% do. 75% of people quit their bosses, not their jobs.
Your business is in trouble if you are dealing with:

  • high turnover
  • absenteeism
  • disengaged employees
  • people who aren't pulling their weight
  • gossip, backfighting, and poor communication

"Well, you can't make everyone happy."That's true. But you can make it easier for employees to make themselves happy by setting a standard of care and designing an environment and culture that validates, encourages, and empowers people.

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