Don't Throw in the Towel

Running a hospitality business sounded fun, didn't it?

If you have landed here on our site, chances are you and your employees are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or uninspired. Or maybe you are feeling all three! 

Literally every issue that you face as a business owner or leader can be traced back to the motivation and performance of your people. This is not a guessing game and you are not alone. Even great managers struggle with creating employee engagement consistently. 

But there is a formula. The employee experience consists of 3 basic concepts:

  • The employees' expectations, wants and needs
  • The organizational design of the employees' expectations, wants and needs
  • The environment - cultural, technological, and physical

 I can help you craft the business of your dreams. No more spinning your wheels. No more putting out fires. No more sleepless nights. No more working 7 days/week. No. More. Bullshit.

A little party never killed nobody.


Let's think back to what you pictured when you started.


Your restaurant is full every night. Your guests rave about the dishes that you lovingly prepare. Your kitchen is a creative hub where you get to focus on what you love...feeding people. Your staff feels lucky to work there and nobody ever calls out. 

Your boutique salon is the new black. Like...poppin. Clients walk out from their appointments, head held high, feeling like a whole new person. You beam as you watch your stylists perform magic. The music and vibe is on point. Champagne is flowing. This place is the shit....and you created it.

You put the shingle out on your own little corner of the American dream. Your customers rave about the products that you offer and just how damn cute your shop is. The cash wrap is perfectly organized with gift bags and tissue and each treasure is lovingly wrapped for your customers to take home. Your employees are knowledgeable and take initiative to help out.

I can hear the birds chirping now. It's all rainbows and unicorns.

What if I told you that your dream isn't crazy. It is possible. You are on the right track! I know what you are going through and I'll bet you your next drink that I can help.

The EX design Process

Identify the Need

The most important step. Recognizing that you need a partner and you would like to make changes in your business is a big deal! This is the best decision that you can make for you and your business.

Book Your FREE Discovery Call

Discover & Assess

Using my EX Design program, I will prepare some initial recommendations for actions. You and I will collaborate on the final areas of focus and scope. You will decide exactly what you would like to work on and I will help to prioritize and plan the activities.


Time to get to the best part! Our agreed actions are carried out in your location. I am available to you at all steps. Activities may be led by me or led by you with support from me.


This is the magic sauce. The reason your previous efforts haven't taken hold is because you didn't embed the learning into your organization. In this step, we work on mindset, change management, communication, and follow-thru.

Adapt & Adopt

Finally, we measure your success, take in feedback, and make any final, necessary adjustments. You've now adopted a new way of working that is scalable and flexible for the future.


Let's keep the party rolling! I can remain with you and your team as a strategic advisor. We will meet 1-2 times/month on strategy calls and you will have full office hours access to me.

Who EX Design & Consulting IS for

  • If you want real results that have a long term impact on your business, this IS for you.
  • If you are ready to look under every rock of your business, this IS for you.
  • If you are open to trying new ideas and tactics, this IS for you.
  • If you trust your team to grow and learn from this experience, this IS for you.
  • If you want to grow personally and professionally, this IS for you.
  • If you prefer a straightforward, challenging approach, this IS for you.

Who EX Design & Consulting is NOT for

  • If you are not the decision maker for your business, this is not for you
  • If you hate crazy ideas, this is not for you.
  • If you want someone to just implement your ideas, this is not for you.
  • If you aren’t willing to make mistakes or fail, this is not for you.
  • If you believe you already have the answers, this is not for you.
  • If you prefer a soft, supportive approach, this is not for you.

Boss star Toolkits™


R3 - Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

Build a High-Performing Dream Team

Dream teams get more done and have more fun. But why do some teams gel and excel while other promising partnerships fail miserably? How come what worked for one team doesn’t work for another?

“The only way a company can grow, stay true to its soul, and remain consistently successful is to attract, hire, and keep good people. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.” - Danny Meyer

Being clear and strategic are keystones to the development of your ultimate dream team. There are no good or bad employees - but there is the right employee for the right job, and for the right team. When you give the wrong responsibilities to your worker - even if they signed up for it - chances are not good that they will remain in the role for long.

This Boss Star Toolkit™ includes tools and training in:

  • Creating a Continuous Candidate Engagement campaign
  • Candidate Personas
  • Employer branding
  • Your EVP (Employee Value Proposition)
  • Talent mapping
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Succession planning
  • Exit risk strategies

Time & Investment

It takes 4-6 months to fully implement this program.

Contact for pricing.

I Need Help Hiring and keeping great employees

Culture & Experience

Be the Employer of Choice in Your Area and in Your Niche

A company’s culture is its identity. It is how the company views itself and wants others to view it. But fostering a vibrant and cohesive culture doesn’t happen overnight. “Culture” takes the words of your vision, mission, and values and lives them through your behaviors as a company. Culture picks up where your Employee Handbook leaves off.

A company culture that facilitates employee happiness means lower turnover and better company performance. It’s a win-win.

This Boss Star Toolkit™ includes tools and training in:

  • Purpose Design - Your Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Storytelling
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Radical, genuine hospitality
  • Employee Experience Journey
  • The dark side of hospitality - dealing with stress, mental health, addiction, and more
  • Employee engagement
  • Retention

Time & Investment

It takes 4-6 months to fully implement this program.

Contact for pricing.

I want to make an positive impact

Team Development & Performance

Develop a High Performing Team With the Potential to Grow

Your employees need expectations, goals, rewards, and feedback to do their jobs well. A great employee is not just someone who can do the work, but someone who is willing to do the work, and who has an upbeat and positive attitude about it. 

Do all of your employees meet your standards most of the time? Do individual strengths come together for the betterment of the team? If the answer is no, then you are losing money, losing morale, and there is work to be done. 

Performance problems do not self-correct. Teams do not build themselves. You may not know where to start in resolving the issue, you may dislike - even avoid - conflict, and you may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. Especially if you struggle with finding and hiring quality candidates. Often times, dealing with underperformance takes up a significant part of a manager's’ time and stops them from focusing on growth and high performers.

The ability to build a team, recognize and reward consistent performance, and identify and correct poor performance in an effective and timely manner are essential management skills. 

This Boss Star Toolkit™ includes tools and training in:

  • Skill and will
  • Performance evaluations and reviews
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Recognition and reward
  • Correction
  • Conflict resolution
  • Identifying and cultivating potential
  • Team building
  • Effective team meetings

Time and Investment

It takes 4-6 months to fully implement this program.

Contact for pricing.

I want a high performing team

Upleveling Leadership

Develop the Industry's Best Leadership

Leadership - that magic, that secret sauce, that unique vibe that sets one organization head and shoulders above another. Leadership is not a position - it is an attitude and set of behaviors that anyone at any level can adopt. When you create a leadership organization, everything feels easier and more rewarding.

In our industry we often promote our managers from within our organizations based on their performance, without providing the leadership tools and training they need to make the transition.

Even natural leaders need coaching and training. The truth is - natural leaders desire coaching and training. Self-awareness and continuous improvement are fundamentals of leadership.

This Boss Star Toolkit™ includes tools and training in:

  • Self-awareness
  • EQ (Emotional intelligence)
  • 3 Levels of Leadership
  • Effective one-on-ones
  • Public speaking and presenting
  • Change management
  • Creating transformation
  • Follow-up and follow-thru
  • DISC
  • Communication
  • Situational leadership

Time and Investment

It takes 4-6 months to fully implement this program.

Contact for pricing.

I want confident, competent leaders

I get it. You still have questions. Let's chat!