Meraki: The soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that you put into your work.

This is who we are as a company and as people. This is what keeps us up at night, gets us out of bed in the morning, and drives our whole day. We only work with people who get this. The people and communities that we serve will see and feel our Hustle, Heart and Hospitality and be inspired to join us on our vision to connect the world.

Vision, Mission, and Goal


We believe passionately that radical, genuine hospitality has the power to bond people together instantly and ultimately, connect the whole world.


We exist to inspire, encourage, and empower through radical, genuine hospitality.


To completely redesign the hospitality experience for 1 million people (owners, managers, employees & customers) by 2025.


  1. We value spending the time it takes to create real, lasting relationships.
  2. We value design principles and creativity.
  3. We value our customers and their wishes, needs, and dreams.
  4. We value results and the pursuit of profit.
  5. We value continuous, never-ending growth.
  6. We value feedback. We solicite for it and act on it to show that we are serious.
  7. We value ideas - good, bad, great, sucky - we are idea junkies.
  8. We value loving where we work - the people, the environment, the job.
  9. We value partnership, teamwork, and collaboration - inside and outside our own organization.
  10. We value leadership at all levels.
  11. We value doing the right thing - it is always the right thing to do.
  12. We value having a blast no matter what we are doing. Life - and work - are fun.





Work ethic. Energy. Contribution. Digging deep. Our never give up. Our never get down.  We are inspired by potential and we work tirelessly to realize it. Tell us it can’t be done. We are addicted to making shit happen. When we get tired, we rest. But we never quit. We are walking damn motivational memes.   

Here’s how we practice Hustle.   


  • Growth mindset. Always. - Good enough is never good enough. We are comfortable being uncomfortable. We earn our confidence by doing things that we are afraid to do. We believe that starting is better than planning. We stop to celebrate where we are & how far we’ve come, but not for long. Here is awesome. There is better.
  • The better you get, the better you better get. - We believe in 2 things....the future can always be better than the present & I have the power to make it so. We reject complacency. We embrace evolution. We aim for transformation. We are willing to get rid of good ideas to make room for great ones. We constantly review how we are doing. We edit ruthlessly. We stay in touch & we seek better ways.


Passion. Dedication. FUN. Inspiration. Going all in.  We believe that more important than the work we do, are the relationships we create while doing it. Our mission is to create meaningful connections with people through our passion for food, drink, and service. 

Here’s how we practice Heart.    

  • It’s hell yes! Or it’s no. - We are driven by projects & ideas that give us life! We will never give our best for things that we only feel meh about & we would never accept giving less than our best. We seek out projects, clients, ideas, & moments that we vibe with, that give us energy. We stay connected to what inspires us.
  • Passion x Focus = IMPACT - Passion is our fuel & focus is our vehicle. It’s not enough to have great ideas. We have to DO something with them. The bigger the passion, the more concentrated the focus. We believe that hustle & heart will set us apart. We recruit for potential. We work with people and companies that work & play as hard as we do.


Radical. Genuine. Thoughtful. Surprising.  The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. We value hospitality above all things. Our job in the world is to connect with other humans and we choose to use the food and beverage business to do that. We fill bellies and hearts.  

Here’s how we practice our radical, genuine Hospitality. 


  • Collaboration is the new competition. - We are better than our competition, but that’s not enough. We co-brand, co-create, co-compete. We are better together. We work with like-minded individuals in business, in our communities & in our lives to get and stay ahead.
  • What we will be known for, more than anything, is our radical, genuine hospitality. Service is a series of actions and transactions. Hospitality is a spirit, an experience. It is warmth, care, thoughtfulness. You can see service, but you feel hospitality. It is our sincere honor to serve. We are inspired by what our industry does to bring people together in The Third Place over an amazing meal and a soothing beverage. Dining together is the quintessential human experience. Food is more than survival. With it friends become family, we fall in love, and we count our blessings.