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Calling All Boss Stars

I believe one thing is clear. We must build stronger leadership in hospitality.


Today's workplace has evolved to become more mindful, transparent, and collaborative. Is the hospitality industry keeping up? Leaders must hold themselves responsible and accountable for the effect their influence has on their employees and on their organization as a whole. Right now, the hospitality industry has a culture problem....and we need leaders to step up.

If I could give you one piece of advice today, it would be: START NOW.

Don't waste another minute spinning your wheels. Don't have one more sleepless night. Don't hold one more staff meeting where you leave feeling discouraged. Don't let one more month go by where you aren't earning your full potential. 

You work too damn hard to be wasting time. 

I work with high performers who are on an accelerated growth path. Highly committed and ready to do what it takes.

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A party without cake is just a meeting.

Julia Child

Boss Star Toolkits™

Here's How This Works....

Whether you are a new business looking to attract a dream team or an existing business looking to improve or recalibrate, I provide support and services in 4 key focus areas:

  • R3 - Right Person, Right Place, Right Time
  • Culture & Experience
  • Team Development & Performance
  • Upleveling Leadership

All services can be provided face-to-face, virtually or a combination, and require a 4-6 month commitment. Click below to find out more about each Boss Star Toolkit™.

R3 - Right Person, Right Place, Right Time


Find - and keep - the best employees for your team. If there is any ambiguity regarding roles and responsibilities, it is impossible for people to work together effectively. I will help you qualify candidates, hire the right people, and make sure they are in the job that best suits their talents.

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Culture & Experience


Develop a compelling vision and bring it to life in your culture. You have a story to tell. Leaders who commit to an unwavering pursuit of a mission and vision will take their business and their employees further, faster.

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Team Development & Performance


Pro Tip: You've already had your slowest day. The industry is changing, faster than ever. You need an agile team who moves together in the same direction. The unstoppable leaders of the future are able to navigate teams through constant change, harness energy, and deliver to business goals.

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Upleveling Leadership


Our industry relies heavily on operational and technical skills. We often promote our high performers into manager positions. But our leaders must possess skills beyond providing great treatments, managing a schedule, or fine knife skills. Set your existing and up-and-coming managers up for success. 

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Strategy Sessions

Your "Phone a Friend" option

Sometimes you need just a little bit of help....like, now. I got you. Here are 3 types of strategy sessions that we can have:

  • Discovery Call
  • HireLAB Hiring Strategy Call
  • BossLAB Strategy Call

Strategy Sessions can be taken as a video conference via Zoom or just a good old fashioned phone call. Your choice. Click below to find out more about each of our Strategy Sessions.

Discovery Call


Let's get to know each other! Tell me what is going on with you in your business.

30 minutes via phone

Always complimentary. 

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HireLAB Hiring Strategy Call


In this call, we will conduct a hiring needs assessment and create a hiring strategy that gets results. You will walk away with short term actions and a long term plan.

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BossLAB Strategy Call


What's the most critical thing you want to accomplish over the next 90-120 days to move your culture? What is keeping you up at night? It's time to stop stressing and start doing. 

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Workshops and Trainings

Leadership training for new managers

85% of first-time managers receive no training. The transition from successful employee to successful manager can be complicated and difficult. Set your new manager up for success by providing the skills, tools and training needed to make a smooth transition.

Team building & training

Businesses that want to grow and develop require the strength of a unified team. Having the right mix of people to complement and reinforce your business is essential.


Ready to Boss Like a Boss™? Our BossLAB masterclasses and workshops provide the essential skills and "a-ha" moments that make you go from frazzled and frustrated to boss babe.


This training teaches you how to attract, qualify, and hire the best people for your company with something called a Continuous Candidate Engagement program. Stop spinning your hiring wheels and try something new.

About Becky LaFranchi

Whiskey in a teacup

I am a go-getter. Boss babe. Hustler. I lead with speed. And to be honest, I haven't always looked behind me to see if anyone was still there. 

This industry has given me so many gifts but the greatest is this life lesson - hustle and heart must go together, always.

So, I have developed a leadership approach that embraces strength, speed, and straight-forwardness and combines it with compassion, care, and communication. 

I call this radical, genuine hospitality. 

I have 18 years experience in the industry (full-service restaurants), 13 years as an executive in international retail, and I have consulted in the spa industry for the last 10 years. 

I have led teams as small as four and as large as 300. I have seen, heard, and done everything

I’ve spent my entire career facilitating, training, coaching, mentoring, consulting, and inspiring individuals and organizations in small and  multi-million dollar companies. I'd love to support you with yours.